on my mind

This stuff is the flotsam and jetsam of day to day life. Wanna know what supposedly makes me tick?

  • From Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an INFJ.
  • Reading the description is rather dead on.

  • In a project management leadership class we took a test to discover our personal strenghts… I\’m a red ( Assertive-Directing) in good times and a red-green (Judicious-Competing)in stressful times.

What does it all mean? I\’m faux extrovert who likes to boss people around, be publicly feted for all of my grand accomplishments,am a champion of the oppressed and downtrodden, can intuit the goings on of almost any group just by reading the social undercurrents and then runaway by myself to recharge my emotional batteries.

What Weighs 17 Pounds…

Delight Me…with Good Customer Service

Baby, its cold outside

Grateful, I am. Are you?

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2009 New Years Resolutions

My Resolution for 2008

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Goatman Hollow – 2006

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GoatMan New Years

Me Update

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Favorite Phrases

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Sigh…Another Halloween, over

Happy Halloween

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Just Call me…

Barium Cocktails For Everyone!

Don’t take my summer away!

I’m a white-collar worker

Summer 2005 Update

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SpongeBob Kidnapped

Its just funny

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End of an era

Take back the web

Go Bills!

Just Like Me

The object of my desire


LIVESTRONG = track meet DQ’s?

Spammers beware

Boo! Its finally here

Women over 40, by Andy Rooney

Real women -vs- Ladies

The Facetious Bet

Glad I don’t live there anymore

The soundtrack of our lives

PSA: Words Women Use

Volunteer Opportunity


Gearing back up

Slings and Arrows

Blast from the past

Small Gestures

I need a nap

dum, dum, de dum…

Say it with feeling: “cock-a-roach”

Online Infection

History of the Middle Finger

Elect Zombie Reagan

Spidy2 is a must see!

You know you need a vacation when…

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Weekend Celebrations


Reagan Rides Again

Not really MIA

My personal kryptonite

Bop on the Head

New Fav Song(s)

Quote of the Day

Yes, that really is ‘poo’ in the hallway

Meet the new “Baby”

2 degrees to Bush

Looking forward to Spring

Lost in Shindell

How much snot can one human make?

I went home…

George is right! (No not GWB!)

I am haunted

Dog Story

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snow globe

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snow = school’s closing?

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