Gearing back up

*Sigh* Summer is almost over and school started today. Not that that really has anything to do with this blog — I just haven’t posted in a week- (and no, I was not scared off from posting, I’m over that) just trying to figure out what to write about. So in lieu of a usual post, here’s a brief recap of last week for those who missed out on the fun…

  • Abby went off to doggy sleep away camp on the Eastern Shore for 4 days and 3 nights. Boy, I wasn’t expecting to miss her quite as much as I did. Amazing that the absence of a little dog can so profoundly leave such a big hole in one’s life. But from what I understand, this little Lake Chippewah Chipmunk had a ball, a blast and was a well behaved little camper. She had a good time, and it was worth my missing her.
  • Monday post work, I drove into downtown DC for the first time, all by myself and dined at a fabulous restaurant called Cafe Berlin with Ziggy + Delegatrix. Fortunately, they helped direct me to find my way out of DC safely.
  • Was provided the bounty of wonderful veggies and fruits from the Eastern Shore, more than enough to share with friends. Yummy watermelons, tomatoes, cantaloupes and peppers!
  • Friday, I took a vacation day and went to Harpers Ferry, WVA to go tubing and rock jumping. The weather was warm and humid (93) and not a cloud in the blue, blue sky, as we floated past the Shenandoah’s on the right and the C + O canal on the left. Whee, what fun we had! (Although my shoulders and biceps are a little tender from paddling – as well as from what seemed like crawling out of the primordial ooze each time I jumped into the water and had to pull myself up a slime covered rock to go back and jump again — it was well worth it!)
  • Saturday – went inline skating late morning – it was heaven – an overcast day, slightly humid, low population on the trail due to pending rain, I was encouraged to skate farther than I have all year, and made it back to the car just before the rains came down.
  • The new GoatMan Hollow web site is just about ready to go live…and the count down is now on til opening day (Friday, October 1, 2004)

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