Slings and Arrows

Insert rationalization here: Most days I’m pretty well adjusted,
at least I like to think so – I’m sure you’d tell me if I’m wrong. I don’t think
I’m too easily offended, I’m easy to laugh (at others and myself) and while
I may be a pain in the butt sometimes, I take comfort in the fact that we all
are from time to time. So it evens out.

When I started this blog, the plan was to share what was going on in my life,
as a means of chronicling the usually goofy stuff that happens to me, or comes
my way. All, in all, my blog has some pretty benign stuff. Occasionally, there
has been news of note, and sometimes there has been fluff. But always, the personal
posts have been from my point of view, about my thoughts and experiences.

The offense: Now it seems my thoughts, feelings about certain
experiences have offended some folks. There are people who are affronted that
I would have the temerity to write about things I experienced or events occurring
within the realm of my life. There are some who, being at the genesis of the events,
have taken offense that I would even chronicle the experience, and GASP! – dare
to mention them in this sort of forum. Basically, the question is: what is too
private to share with people outside the situation? I thought I knew what lines could not be crossed, but now, I’m not so sure.

More rationalizing: I think one might have a valid complaint if I were writing about the situation to be malicious, or for some sort of personal gain – I could understand someone feeling upset about that. Its not as if I published a full-page ad in a local newspaper, about an event and solicited donations. I simply relate my feelings and experiences to a select group of people. When did that become wrong?

No real resolution: While I’m dealing with slings and arrows sent my way, it has caused me to rethink
posting to the blog. What is too personal, and whom do I exclude now from inviting
to read it? When did it become okay for someone to censor what I feel and experience
– to tell me I can’t write about something I experienced? And even writing about
this incident has me concerned – did I reveal too much? Did I name names or
explicit situations? No, but should said offended parties read this, will they
instantly know I am writing about them – and thus fan the flames of discord
already burning brightly? I think it comes down to how one processes their feelings
regarding what goes on in their lives. Some prefer to squash down any evidence
of emotional display in a public forum. And others are comfortable discussing
the things that go on in their lives. I am, for the most part, in the latter
category. But still, now I am gun shy.

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