Blast from the past

the cars album coverI feel like I’m 16 again, and if it were Wednesday (instead of Thursday) I would be getting ready to go dancing at SPIT on W. Colonial Drive in Orlando. Thursday nights at the Crocodile Club are still about 4 years in my future. But Monday and Wednesday nights at SPIT are deriguer– The new wave dance club in Central Florida. Like most nightclubs at the time, I was really too young to get in, but the guys at the door always just asked me to show them anything that remotely looked like a drivers licence – even if it was my library card, which it usually was.

So why the trip down memory lane? Well, due to a co-worker’s generosity, I have been plugged into the local CD online scene, and today I am listening to 3 albums by the Cars, one of the early 80’s bands of the New Wave movement.

The memories just keep flooding back – Oh I remember the teenage angst and uncertainty – Was so and so going to show up tonight? Would he dance with me? How should I wear my hair – with the fuschia stripe or the blue? Where could I score a cheap pair of black cateye glasses? Which black eye liner had the best staying power (Maybelline eyebrow/eyeliner melted) What hairspray would keep my psuedo- B-52 beehive indestructable? (AquaNet) But my biggest worry, bar none was – Yikes – I’m gonna get grounded – for like the 10th week running – for breaking curfew!

These were the inconsequential things that scurried around my mind at 16 — a lot different than the stuff rattling around now, that’s fer sure– like totally. But its pretty cool that music can transport me back 23 years and I have total recall of what it was like to be 16, again. One of the best things though, is that I don’t have a curfew anymore. Okay, well maybe I have a self-imposed curfew. 🙂