Its just funny

This morning while getting ready for work I actually saw a commerical that made me laugh, and yep, it was for the holiday shopping season. It was a Staples commercial hawking digital cameras. What made it great was a delusional grandma from an adult day care centers wanting to take a family picture. The sight gag: Grandma attempts to take the picture with a stapler. Have you seen it? I really liked it.

According to “The holiday campaign is the first creative by Staples’ recently selected agency of record McCann Erickson, and includes television and radio spots leveraging Staples signature empathetic humor to demonstrate that there is a digital camera for everyone on your holiday shopping list. The 30-second television commercial features a family preparing for the holidays and decorating the tree. Grandma gathers the family around for a photo and – click – snaps a stapler just like a camera. Grandma shakes her head as the announcer says, “Come on, take the hint. Staples has the digital cameras everyone wants this year.” “