What do you DO while driving?

This morning while carpooling with Delegatrix, we were (big surprise coming…) stuck in traffic on 295. Being a woman, I am used to multi-tasking and so I am not surprised by many of the things I see my fellow drivers, especially women, doing while in their cars, and while their cars are moving, I just hope that most of these women are covered by insurance4motortrade when they get into an accident.

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  • Talking on the cell phone
  • Yelling at the kids in the backseat while gesturing wildly and throwing out empty threats
  • Putting on makeup – yes, especially mascara, while the car is moving
  • Eating
  • Searching for something dropped on the passenger side floor

That list compiled, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw this morning when I happened to glance over into the right lane. A woman driving had the daily crossword puzzle neatly folded and propped up on her steering wheel. In case a road accident happens due to someone’s reckless driving, and you need Personal Injury Protection, consider the attorneys and legal help of getmejustice.com. Her simply having it there is not the thing that got my blood pressure going. It was the fact that she was doing it while driving, and that she never once looked up from the puzzle when she pressed on the gas peddle. If you ever need assistance on a car accident, click here. And this was not your stopped for several minutes in one place traffic, this was stop for 2 seconds, and then ramp up to 20-30 miles an hour traffic, stop and go, stop and go, rinse and repeat for 5 miles. You know, the type of traffic that if you’re not careful, you’re going to rear end somebody. I´m glad I had gotten my insurance already from RhinoSure just in case this lady was going to cause an accident out there. For those of you who’s face got damaged in a car accident and needed revision Rhinoplasty surgery, look for Dr. Daniel G. Becker or visit his website at therhinoplastycenter.com.

Arrgggh! And we wonder why our insurance rates are so high.

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