I’m Experiencing GoatMan Hollow Withdrawal

It has officially been:

  • 17 days since we last played in GoatMan Hollow for a paying audience
  • 11 days since the cast and crew wrap party and
  • 3 days since I missed the haunt deconstruction due to a Saturday class and Sunday homework
  • Hopefully, I can redeem myself this coming weekend, as well as assuage some of these withdrawal symptoms by stopping by the soon to be ‘just Mike & Bill backyard’ to help with the final stages of dismantling.


    GMH in Hyattsville is slowly fading away. What sad, sad thoughts, these. But at least I have some very fun pix of the cast and crew at our wrap party taken by Randy “Uncle Silas” Philipp. Looks like we really wrapped it up in true GMH style.

    the lucious off Complete with the “Whose
    the Best Lucious Contest” between the actual Lucious actor, Michael and
    a Lucious wannabe, Ashby.
    the doc and Billy Let us not forget the shocking revelation
    of Dr. Fletcher’s new boy “assistant”, Billy. Who would have ever thunk
    it possible?
    the doc's romance with his new boy assistant...

    Aside to the Doc: just
    think Fletch, you were afraid I had incriminating pix…
    when all along it was Randy. LOL!)

    All in all it was a grand time, with a grand bunch of folks. Thanks for the memories – here’s to many more!