Video of my treatment

Wanna see something cool? My orthodontist just emailed me the mini video (download) Invisalign made to show the start to finish progression of my orthodontic treatment.

The video opens with a 2D not quite cartoonish model of my soon-to-be-forgotten snaggly, gap-tooth mouth, (looking very much like the animated Polident dentures) from last March when we started the procedure. The mind boggling :03 second video takes you through the “breathtaking” highs and lows of the tightening and straightening process that has been occurring in my mouth these past 8 months. The final glorious vision, before fading to black, or actually, just stopping and holding, is on the perfected smile. That’s a mere 8 more months away!

To see this magical and engrossing video, you will need either Window’s Media Player or WinAmp ( pick the free version.

Kinda cool to watch how my teeth are being yanked and straightened. Who knew masochism could be so much fun to view