Delight Me…with Good Customer Service

Treat me like a Queen

I freely admit I am a sucker for exceptional customer service.

I could wax poetic on the number of times I have received outstanding customer service and just how good that made me feel, right down to my toes.

You might think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not.

This is IMPORTANT stuff, people.

Customer Service Tag Cloud

Customer Service Tag Cloud

Yes, that means I want to be treated like the queen I think I am inside my brain.

Especially if I’m paying for some service or product.

I grew up in a state that took that highly sought after and prized skill and elevated it to an art form.

Canadian’s are generally really nice people, and the ones I’ve encountered have given good customer service, so it must be something in the water they send toward Florida.

However, growing up there (Florida) spoils you for anywhere else, and I think I may have taken that good customer service for granted.

After all, my backyard was Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios – each of whom has set the bar for unparalleled customer service to its guests.

Customer service is so ingrained in every part of that area so that even the folks who work at the convenience stores are highly skilled artisans in customer service.

Now that I live a bit more northward, I find I really appreciate good solid customer service, and will seek it out and even travel for it again and again once I find it.

You’ll be Satisfied

Ultimately, when the customer walks away from an encounter with a goods or service provider, they should be delighted.

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of delighted:


: made very happy : full of great pleasure or satisfaction

So my measuring stick of good customer service is where one is:

  • delighted with the process
  • delighted with the interaction with the provider or their representative
  • delighted with the goods or services they purchased, or the assistance rendered

And yes, I’m aware that ‘delighted’ is a foofy and perhaps even archaic word. Which is exactly why it’s so appropriate a descriptor of the good customer service experience.

When a company really gets it right, I feel light and happy and fulfilled at that gift of good customer service.

What is appreciated is the old fashioned value of delighting customers with service, product and the whole experience. These days that seems to be in short supply.

I was Satisfied AND Delighted

Recently, I made a sizable purchase online from Lowes .

New Patio Chairs!

New Patio Chairs!
I placed my order and was told in the receipt email that my items would be available for pick up within 7 days.

What? They don’t have them in stock?

New Patio Chair Cushions

New Patio Chair Cushions

My instant gratification gene was a little dinked, but I could deal.

Three days later I had a voicemail from my friendly local Lowes store informing me my order was ready for pick up.


Seriously – 4 days early? I think I’m about to be happy, perhaps, dare I say it, delighted?

I was still a bit skeptical, until I opened my email to find a confirmation email that said the same thing – come on down and pick up your stuff. Cool!

Three days later, I finally went to pick up my order.

Mostly the delay was because Lowes is just a little out of the way (5+ miles), whereas their closest business competitor is less than a mile away.

I admit it, I’m sometimes lazy.

When I arrived, I was greeted not once, but three times, and asked if they could assist me with finding what I needed.

Really? Help me?

Sad to say, that usually doesn’t happen at their competitor just around the corner from me.

And then it happened, not one, but THREE people came together to present me with my order, and walked out to help me load it into our truck.

When we discovered the boxes were too big to load into the back of the truck, they unpacked the items and then gently loaded them into the back of our truck.

While we were loading the truck, I had a chance to talk with the store manager, and complimented him on customer service I received.

He positively glowed at my words.

He said he’d been working on it for a year with his team, a little bit everyday, since he transferred to the store.

In my mind, his efforts really paid off. I was treated like the queen I think I am.

Within a few minutes, I was on my way home, excited over my new purchases, but even more, delighted with the experience.

Moral of the story

Customer service is good for the soul and the bottom line: I WAS delighted at the service and products I received.

So delighted that even though it’s a little further to travel, that store has my loyalty and all my home improvement I did to me house, I upgraded my door locks thanks to locksmith queens and changed my bathroom rugs. I know this is such a cliché, but it really was a WIN-WIN situation, and that it’s as good as it gets.