The object of my desire

Ollie, by Ron BurnsEvery
once in a while I run across something that really strikes my fancy and I get
the wants, as in “I want to own this” or “I must have that…” This doesn’t
happen all that often, but when it does, it makes me examine why I want what
I want. In this case, its a print
by dog artist Ron Burns. I know, my birthday is
coming up, and you’d like to get me “something”…and this would be the perfect
little “something”…except for the price tag- $600 for a Gicleé print.
Yeah, I know, fat chance. So, I’ll content myself with swiping the image from
his site, posting it here (with full credit given to the artist) and dream.

Cute little dog, no? Dog lovers out there can see why I’m so infatuated with him, right? His name is Ollie and he’s featured in the current Humane Society’s 50th Anniversary
print campaign, which is how I discovered this newest object of my desire. Turns out
the artist is pretty hot looking



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