Just Like Me

Forgive me if I seem obsessed with my 40th birthday – it is a mere 12 days away – and I think most people will agree, it is a major milestone in one’s life, if not a ready cause for beginning that mid-life crisis you’ve been saving up for all these years.

cavity samAnyway, while listening to Good Morning America, I discovered another entity turned 40 this month, just like me – Milton Bradley’s game of skill and silliness – Operation. On the Hasbro web site, you can even play an online demo of the game. What fun! I’d forgotten that you operate to remove such maladies as butterflies in the stomach, a wrenched ankle, an adams apple and his funny bone. Recently, there was a contest to add a new ailment to Cavity Sam, and the winner was “Brain Freeze” where you must remove the ice cream cone lodged in his head.

Just like me, Operation just gets better with time. Delegatrix joked that they were going to come out with a women’s version, called Plastic Surgery Operation. Oy! Just what I need! So happy anniversay Operation – here’s to another 40 years!



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