Baby, its cold outside

baby crying over the cold weather

Spring, will you be here soon?
From a post on Facebnook, origin unknown

I feel like this every day from October – April. It seems to have gotten worse this winter. Maybe an early spring?

Not according to Puxatawney Phil – he saw his shadow today, and because of that furry rodent’s prognostication, there’s 6 more weeks of winter coming our way.

Not that I’m surprised, but I would have preferred another prediction.

Seems like I start to dream of Spring mid December when all the leaves have left the trees and there is a dearth of green.

Now this is what I really want to see, RIGHT NOW!

Azaleas in bloom @ the National Arboretum

Azaleas in bloom @ the National Arboretum

Are you wishing for spring and all it brings?

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