A Good Day, Indeed

Thursday, May 19th, 2005 was a good day, all in all. Some day, I hope I look back and remember the day that my hard work in several areas began to pay off. It started
out like any other normal day, but by the end of it, well, good fortune had
seen fit to smile upon me not just once, but several times.

  1. For the last week, I’ve been religiously checking to see if my grades
    for my last three classes has posted. Art History, Biology and Biology lab,
    to be specific. I knew up to the final exam that I had done reasonably
    well, but you never know with finals. I just don’t have the ability to
    judge how well I have done on an exam. Today, I was rewarded to find I
    had garnered 4 A’s and 1 B. The B is in my Art History class, and I’m delighted
    to have that grade – it was a real groaner of a class. The other 2 classes
    in which I received an ‘A’ were art related – upper level drawing and intro to
    painting. Recently, you’ve seen the fruits of some of my artistic labors, and yes, they give A’s for that sort of talent. Its all about how hard you work, not necessarily how masterful you are, but anyway, I digress –
  2. I registered for a class I was told I couldn’t. Long story which involves
    a math placement exam and my long held fears of algebra. My graduation
    plan is back on track, without any financial or time detours, and I will
    finally conquer and vanquish that algebra monster by the end of August.
  3. I was approved for my very first mortgage! Not a big deal to most of you,
    I’m sure, but to me, well, it’s HUGE! Now, I just need to find the house to buy… easier said than done in this market, but one step
    at a time…
  4. Discovered late last night that all my hard work cleaning up the financial/credit
    mess my ex-husband left for me was worth it, when I was told my FICO
    significantly higher than I thought, and is in the “Good” range!

Hip – hip – hooray for Thursday, May 19th, 2005! It will live as
one of my better days – a day when I received a lot of good news, about things
that I accomplished. We all need days like that, don’t we?

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