Invisalign update

Went to what was supposed to be my last orthodontic appt. on June 14 (Flag Day) and was very pleased with the results the Invisalign had produced. I had successfully completed my treatment plan, no longer did I sport the Hammersmith family front teeth split, and an overbite had been significantly lessened. I thought I was finally in the homestretch – nothing but retainers!

My glee was short lived as my orthodontist looked around, took photos and decided he had some refinements he wanted to do – shift the left tipped canine just a bit more, and turn another front tooth just so, requiring several more aligners to be created…So the home stretch has just stretched out a bit more…I don’t know for how long, or how many aligners I will be getting until August 1, when I make hopefully one of my last regular trips to pick up what SHOULD BE my last few sets of aligners.

All this for the perfect smile. Imagine this: For once, I was content with what it looked like – I’ve now met someone even more picky than me and his name is Dr. Philbin.

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