Bikini Season Approaches

Not that I’m any where near ready for it this year, but perhaps, next year…but I’m working on it. Hence, Delegatrix, Cybersane and I started WeightWatchers a few weeks ago, and for
the most part,we all have reached our first 5 lb success. Yeah, us! I’ve tried
not to let the whole weight loss thing become an obsession, as it did a few
years ago, and think I have done pretty good. We’re beginning to discover low
calorie, high fiber, low point snacks that we can have, that make us feel satisfied,
and not deprived. Our aim is to find 0 or 1 point snacks that still give you
the impression that you’ve had a treat, but aren’t a whole pan of chocolate
chunk brownies. Anyway, here’s our list so far – Please add via comments any
low point snacks and foods that you know of that we might not:

  • Brand: Kozy
    Shack "By Request"
    Pudding: No Sugar Added. – 1 point
    Flavors we’ve tried: Tapioca and Rice
  • Brand: Jello "Sugar Free" Pudding snacks – 1
    . Flavors: Chocolate
  • Brand: Edy’s
    Whole Fruit Bars
    – – 1 point.
    Flavors we’ve tried: Wildberry and Grape

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