Validation or too much of a good thing?

You decide. Due to a personal commitment, Delegatrix and I did not carpool today, so the advance fashion warning system was not in place. When I arrived at work today, I found almost an mirror image of myself sitting in Delegatrix’s cube. Hot pink top, and dark navy skirt – except for a few style differences – her top is sleeveless, mine is short sleeved, her skirt is linen, mine is a wrap style dark denim. As far as our co-workers are concerned, we are wearing a “uniform” of sorts.

We laughed about the coincidence, and joked that this is what happens when we don’t carpool. And then the fire alarm sounded, so we shuffled off to the parking lot, hoping in vain that we did not look like twinseys. While we were awaitng word it was safe to re-enter our building, two male co-workers came by and remarked that it was easy to find us, because of our identical uniforms. Okay, that tore it for me! Right then and there I informed Delegatrix of my outfit plans for the next day. It suddenly seemed so important, and yet juvenile to claim dibs on what you’re going to wear to work the next day. Of course, Delegatrix’s short term memory could resurface, and we’ll end up wearing the same thing, again…

I guess there are worse things that could happen.

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