Rain, Rain Go Away!

A coworker just came over and asked me if I had my umbrella with me. I said yes, having seen the skies this morning (over cast). So it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that it is now coming down in buckets — but I don’t want it to rain, I’m tired of rain, I want it to be sunny so that I can go skating right after work, I plan to go to an event with a big banner on it, but if it rains it will ruin everything — the rain has ruined waaaay too many skate days, recently. Am I being a whiny brat? Probably, but I’m tired of certain fun activities (inline skating at the B&A Trail) being called due to rain. ARRGGHH!

No, I don’t feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. I’m still pouting like petulant child. And the rain still has not stopped. Guess I’ll go do yoga instead…But I really don’t wanna do yoga, I wanna skate.