Summertime and the Goatman

goatman cast crew Ah, nothing says “Summertime” like the first Goatman get together.

Each year on father’s day weekend, the Goatman founders throw a first of the season get together that is always a lot of fun. I often wonder about the timing, but I haven’t bothered to ask. Just one more mystery in the Goatman lore…

This year I watched a rather hysterical game of Goatman Croquet – there were a lot of pranksters on the field, and one particular participant’s sole reason for playing was to knock anyone who came her way into the woods. Seems she gave up trying to get her ball through the wickets about 15 minutes into the game, and just became this wild force for chaos. She played no favorites, everyone was fair game for her. Ya gotta like that.