Spammers beware

Ok, so my blog was yet again comment spammed by online gaming folks. ARRGGGHH!
This is the second time they got me, and due to a misplaced javascript file
I couldn’t do the mass delete from sodapdf that the new and improved MT software allows
for. But I have since added that missing file, deleted the offending comments (all 40 of them!) and all is right with the world, AGAIN.

In response to this spamming, I have turned on
a new feature of the MT software. The next time you go to post a comment,
you will be required to do a one time registration of your identity (name or online userid, legit email, etc.) to post a comment. Your information will not be
exploited nor shared with anyone else. I do have right of first refusal of
whether or not to allow your registration to post. People who really do know
me will have no problem getting waved on in, those who are spammers, sorry, Charlie.

I’m amazed what folks will do to advertise their web sites.