Boo! Its finally here

So it is FINALLY October 8, 2004 and the official haunting season is upon us…Yes, thats right – GoatMan Hollow opens its doors tonight at 7 pm for another season of thrills, chills and a lot of fun.

So much has happened behind the scenes this year, and it has made GoatMan Hollow seem more like a 1950’s bad horror movie edition of Peyton Place than a local haunt.

  • We had pitchfork and torch wielding disgruntled local villagers who tried to get us shut down (Didn’t work this time guys, better luck next lifetime!)
  • Construction delays due to dealing with pitchfork/torch wielding villagers and a toothless city council
  • I have painted just about everything that ever entered the woods in GMH, including Abby and most definately myself. I personally went through 8 gallons of flat black paint so my new nickname is now “Black Paint”
  • New girl from Canada raises the blood pressure of male GMHer’s in multiple hot tub incidents
  • Sound ordinances that we just don’t know how to deal with or if we should even attempt to comply.
  • Shortened hours of operation – okay, we know when to compromise sometimes…
  • Crucial design elements were almost abandoned, but somehow, the day was saved and they will arrive at approx. 3 pm today. Yes, you read that right… at 3pm today. Nothing like cutting it close.
  • And just in time for opening week – I come down with a sinus infection…hooray for me!

But no matter, its here! Its finally here! And its going to be wonderful — not only because they made me a producer this year, but because each year it just gets better and better. So if you are within 100 miles of me during the month of October, you better make plans to come out and experience GoatMan Hollow.

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