dum, dum, de dum…

I am so proud, tickled and touched. I am a sap, and I’m an unobservant friend, to boot. Somehow out of sheer luck, a friend revealed to me first, that she had gotten engaged last night. I have to admit, I was certainly more happy and excited for her, than I ever was at my own engagement, and we all know where that relationship ended up. 😉

Had I been a better friend, I would have noticed the ring on her finger that she was discretely trying to get my attention with, instead I blathered on about my weekend. So, I guess I’m a bit perplexed by my reaction – its not like this was a big surprise, they’ve been dancing around this subject for a while. But my reaction, is well, one of sheer joy for them. Perhaps her happy circumstance gives me hope that there are happily ever afters out there for the rest of us. Not to overly romanticize/sentimentalize this too much, as said friend would probably gag, and then laugh at me, but I have looked at her relationship and concluded a while ago that they were a really good fit. They do what I assume all the really good couples do in a relationship – they work things out, little bit by little bit. But my opinion really doesn’t matter – its only what they think that matters. And they think they wanna get married!

So, I guess I just wanted to be the first to blog that my friend is getting married – how cool is that? What a way to start the week, with such schmabulous news!

Like I said at the start of this post, I am a sap.