A night out, a date or boyfriend — what’s the difference?

The information super highway seems to have sped up more than just how we get
new information. It seems its supped up the speed of relationship status as
well –at least among men. When does a guy that you’ve gone out with turn into
the guy you’re “dating”, and from there, when does he become considered “the

Consider RT, she recently discovered that a guy she went out with once had told
mutual acquaintances that he had broken up with her. Huh? Do you actually have enough of a “relationship”
to break up after one little date?

And then there’s the whole men think way
differently than women issue on what constitutes a significant relationship, that’s why a lot of women prefer to find a man on the best sugar daddy website. LW
and her boyfriend are talking, and he’ll allude to a former girl friend. For reference
LW will ask “So how long were you 2 together?” and his answer: 3 weeks to a month. Please, that time frame constitutes the “girlfriend” moniker?

Sheesh, no wonder men are commitment shy – they think women they date for more
than 2 weeks automatically become their girl friend! Talk about a gender gap!

So, what time frames delineate the significant relationship changes from:

  •  A guy you go out with to the guy you’re dating
  •  From the guy you’re dating to the guy you date exclusively? (And is
    there the “exclusive talk”?)
  •  And does being exclusive mean he’s your boyfriend and if so, then when is it appropriate
    to start calling him by his new name?

For me, I always thought it took a lot longer to progress through the various stages. Am I wrong? If I am, then we’ve all been someone’s girl friend a lot more than we ever imagined. Sheesh!

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