Lost in Shindell

On top of snotting myself silly, it seems another Richard Shindell CD (Somewhere Near Patterson, 2000) has me spell bound.

I’d been listening to his first album, Sparrows Point, from 1992 and really enjoying it. But now, I find I have become entranced and lost in a more recent effort. It’s still about great story telling, and a very handsome, friendly compelling voice — but some how in the intervening 8 years (and 2 more albums) he grew musically and honed his writing abilities in a way that just floors me. He seems like my own personal James Taylor, only better, more accessible, more real. We’re talking James Taylor, the famous singer, not the guy I dated in high school.

Oh, I can see I am in trouble with this one — he’s pretty addictive — better keep his other albums away from me — I might not be able to restrain myself — I could just become what I used to make fun of when I produced concerts –GASP — egads– a groupie! How pedestrian. Take pity on me, and don’t laugh too hard — I’ve just discovered I’m human after all.

And if he comes in concert within 200 miles of here, you’d better make sure I know about it…

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