Obituary: Random Acts of Kindness

Born: The Dawning of mankind
Died: July 2004, Durango, Colorado

There is so much crap that goes on every day in our world that a random, anonymous
act of kindness is like water to a parched man. You’d think it would be overwhelmingly
received, wouldn’t you? Yeah, I thought so, too, but it seems that, AGAIN,
I am wrong.

Random Act of Kindness Has Multiple Strokes

I recall a friend sending cookies to a relative of mine at the hospital during
a life or death crisis. My friend didn’t know my relative, but she, being a
really, really good and kind person, wanted to use her incredible baking talent
to put a smile on someone’s face during a really horrific time – if even for
the briefest moment. The package was accompanied by a note telling my relative
how they came to arrive there, through knowing me.

The first stroke: The reception by my relative: “I
didn’t know who they were from, and thought they might be poisoned…"

Okay, sure, I have, as everyone knows, through the years made it a habit to
send poisonous, inedible food to friends and family. My reputation has preceded

The second stroke: The relative then said: “So I gave
them to the other patients’ families in the waiting room…”

Hmmm, its okay if someone is poisoned, just not you, your family or friends. (Note: Random Act of Kindness needed CPR and a ventilator after that episode.)

Random Act of Kindness – DOA

Then, this past Saturday morning, as I’m watching GMA Weekend edition, I hear
of 2 Colorado
girls sued
for leaving cookies on someone’s doorstep. The judge awarded
the Plaintiff $900 towards her medical expenses she incurred from the anxiety
attack she had as a result of the random act of kindness.

As Delegatrix so elegantly said yesterday, “When are we as a society going
to stop being held responsible for people’s reactions?
… And what boobheaded judge
in his or her right mind sided with the plaintiff?

And I thought cookies were a good thing…

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