I went home…

So, I went home to Orlando for Valentine’s Weekend and it was special for a
number of reasons, not the least of which was my traveling companion, RJM —
a BIG thank you for a GREAT trip!

It was wonderful to wander the streets of Winter Park, even though I did experience
a moment of sadness when we went by my old house, and discovered it had finally
met its destined fate with the wrecking ball, and was reduced to an expensive
sandlot on Lake Virginia. Amazing, I’ve been gone for 5 years, and as much as
things have changed, most have stayed the same. I’m still homesick, as usual.

And while the weather was at least 80 degrees out when we landed Thursday night,
(it never seemed to rise above 75 the entire weekend) we really only had one
sunny day (Sunday)– but, as most folks know, a bad day in FL is better than
a good day virtually anywhere up North. Here’s a quick summary of my time spent in Florida:

what's left of where I once lived: 550 osceola ave, #'s 4 & 6, WP FL 32789...

My whirlwind trip included much time spent
in WP,

  • Finally took the WP scenic
    boat tour
  • Ate at my fav little Park Ave eatery, the Briar
  • Strolled and window shopped along Park Ave
  • Tried to have a "blend-in" at Thomas Sweet’s, but had to
    settle for a lemon sorbet
  • Shopping for vinyl at Rock
    & Roll Heaven
    on Orange Avenue

A quick (2-3 hour) excursion to Daytona Beach to:

  • Be stuck in I-4 traffic during speed weeks for almost all of the 49 mile trip
  • Drive on the beach (and see if we could get the Ford Escape stuck
    in the sand- we couldn’t)
  • Play a round of putt-putt golf at Congo
    River Adventure Golf
    , where the golf shark (that would be me) crushed
    RJM with a stunning 2 – count ’em 2 hole in 1’s in a single game, for
    a 51-66 victory. Ok, so the par was 46, but who’s really counting —
    we had a schmabulous
    time — see my golf shark pix –>
golf shark....yeah right, i'm fishing my ball out of the river from a lousy putt...

A slightly longer excursion to Oldsmar for

  • Valentine’s Dinner with Susan, Brian & Nicholas
  • The di-riguer trip to Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks
  • Wistful trip back to Orlando for a last night in town

All in all, it was a wonderful, albeit, short trip home. Here’s to many more!