Schwetty Balls Finally Banish the Bah Humbug

hubcaptreeAs you know, I’ve been in less than the holly jolly spirit that this season
normally brings. Can’t put my finger on why I was less than merry and bright,
I just was. Last night, in a valiant (and I admit successful!) attempt to get my Christmas
groove back, we went to see the lights at the famed 34th Street block in Hampden,
a neighborhood in Baltimore. It was amazing, overwhelming and very cool! Imagine — a very retro cool Christmas Tree made entirely of hubcaps and lit from underneath. By the time we walked up one side of the 700 block and down the other,I was definately feeling more Christmasy!

click me to play with schwetty balls
And then just a few minutes ago Delegatrix shared this
with me! Its from Saturday Night Live and it finally put me over the top and
into fine Christmas spirit… that and the fact that in less than an hour, I
am off from work for 4 whole days!

So, if I don’t see or talk to you before Christmas, much less the end of the
year — Have a very Merry one and a fabulous, Kick A@#! New Year!

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