I resolve

At this time of year, like everyone else, I’ve grown a bit nostalgic- thinking
of the year past, the friends I made, the friends I lost touch with, the places
I went, the things I did and saw. They call it taking stock of your life, and
for me, its my chance to make a list of what went down, checking it twice, seeing
where I was naughty or was nice, and THEN making resolutions to do better in
the coming year. Its the symbolic chance to start fresh in a new year. Nothing
too prophetic here.

As I read the Digital
Haus Frau’s
blog today, it kind of helped to pull together my swirling thoughts
that for a while had been trying to coalesce, but some how, was missing something
to make it all mean "SOMETHING". I could only second her thoughts
and attempt to ponder what my contribution to "to thinking more about the
Big Stuff" would be and how I could help. So, in no particular order, here
are my few New Years resolutions. None will probably knock your socks off, but
I think its time to get back to the basics, to what really matters, and try
to just be better.

  1. Be happy
  2. Be nice
  3. Take care of myself
  4. Care for others
  5. Be a part of the solution (read: the Big Stuff)

Its kinda of exciting to think there is a shiny new year just waiting for us
to create. It holds all sorts of undreamed of possibilities. What do you resolve
for the New Year?