Love Lost Forever – What were they thinking?

Yesterday I read
about two Northern Virginia teenagers that were found dead from gunshots. It
was initially not known whether this was a murder/suicide or a joint suicide.
It was just recently revealed
in separately written notes, the 15-year-old girl and the 19-year-old boy, who
were dating, committed a double suicide because their parents disapproved of
their relationship. The two teenagers were both healthy, well liked, and seemed
to have promising futures. But then again, at 15 and 19 respectively, it seems
no matter what your circumstances, you have a promising future. So what gives?

I can understand a parent not wanting his or her 15-year-old daughter dating
someone 4 years older. I went through that experience at 15 as well, and I can
tell you, there was a HUGE age gap between myself and the 19-year-old
I dated. My relationship was disastrous on numerous levels – especially the
end – I can still recall the gut-wrenching pain- but never once did I contemplate
suicide. I knew at 15, as I know now, no one is worth killing yourself over.
And yet, Kayla and Tony thought otherwise. Are we living in the time of the
Montagues and the Capulets or the 21st Century? What values are we instilling
in our children? What are we teaching them? Why, for god’s sake was a gun available
to them, and not locked away?

And now, in the first few days of the new year, when everything still has
that new, fresh out of the package smell, and feel, and the world seems full
of promise, how could two teenagers think there is nothing left to live for?

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