New words or phrases in my vocabulary

I am starting a tally of new words and phrases that have been brought to my attention, or yours. Your post should consist of how to use the words (or phrases) in a sentence and their origins. Most likely, these will be made up words or swiped phrases from pop culture references… or not.

Dag blame it:
Origin: Gun Smoke TV show from late 60’s early 70’s
Usage: I heard Festus use it, as in ‘Dag blame it Marshall Dillon…’
Possible derivative: ‘Dag nab it’

Origin: Ricardo, 12 January 2004
Usage: uh, I’ll get back to you on this one… But it is a new made up word…

Pronunciation: Fan – tab – U – lus
Origin: Unknown, but around for quite a while
Usage: Slang for the blending of the words “fabulous” and “fantastic” as in “What a fantabulous dress she’s wearing…” Usually construed as an over the top adjective.

Pronunciation: Sch-MAB – U – lus
Origin: I made it up to be goofy
Usage: Further play on the Fantabulous Slang – heading for even more ridiculous and over the top description, usually of women’s attire, as in “What a simply schmabulous dress she’s wearing…” See above description of fantabulous. Yes, I know its really over the top, but ya know, sometimes the things other women wear require just that type description! (Meee-ooow!) 😉

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