Look- Up in the sky! Fireworks!

While driving to work today, my cell phone rang. Nothing
so unusual about that, I regularly chat during my drive in, as it’s a
good use of down time on the Beltway and 295 to catch up with folks before
we all settle into our busy days. What was so surprising (happily so)
was who the caller was – my friend Lansden from LaFollette, TN.

boomsday, knoxville, TN

Lansden owns this wonderful
fireworks company called Pyro Shows and
we worked together to produce the 1999 Boomsday
event in Knoxville.(a.k.a. my last producing hurrah) Pyro Shows in my
humble opinion is the BEST fireworks company in the U.S. Why? because
they never sit on their laurels, are always searching out the newest,
the most unique and most spectacular fireworks/effects created. I am in
awe of their skill, their creativity and their work ethic.

Anyway, we’ve managed sustain a friendship even though we’re now 3 states apart, primarily because Lansden does a number of shows up here (including the BIG, BIG DC Mall fireworks for the 4th of July) and a lovely smaller, but no less impressive show at Bolivar-Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. And as most people know, I will travel considerable distances to see my friends, so we manage to see each other at least once a year.

4th of july fireworks, DC mall

Anyway, my joy and glee are now justified as Lansden is coming to town (DC) soon for talks about the 4th of July show and other magnificent things. So I get to see him, sans walkie-talkie and can actually enjoy a real sit-down conversation, instead of the “walk with me while I multi-task” type of encounters that are so particular to event producers.

I just realized, I know some really cool people — you included!