Where can I get one of these?

titanum For the hard to please gardener in your life, why not get them one of these? It’s always interesting what one finds while perusing other pals blogs. If it weren’t for my pals, I might never learn a thing!

Anyway, the last time a titan arum, or corpse flower opened in the northeast was in the 1930s, at the New York Botanical Garden. Fewer than two-dozen have flowered in the United States since the titan arum bloomed for the first time in cultivation, at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England, in 1889.

Currently at 59.25″ inches tall, the corpse flower has grown from 2″ on May 20th to its current towering height. The folks at UConn are predicting the flowering should occur soon, as the characteristic stench that accompanies the blossom’s opening is growing beyond all endurance. And, if you live in the UConn area, you could even go visit the mutant flower and get a whiff for yourself. Sounds like such a fun thing to do on a summer day. Shame I live in Maryland…