Elect Zombie Reagan

Not to cast aspersions on my host provider, but when the server migration
occurred, I lost 1, count ’em 1, entry to the blog and it was about this web
site: Bush/Zombie Reagan in ’04. Any number of things
could have happened to cause the deletion of this entry, including my own determined
if deluded fingers hitting the delete key.

But no matter. I am putting it back up, because as much as I dislike Bush,
I really believe Zombie Reagan can make a difference in this country as Vice
President. Who else can one say is quite so resilient, if not necessarily, in
one piece or all that great smelling? Certainly not Cheney. And I like their
ideology. The Zombie Reagan press conferences called “Eat the Press” are compelling (and funny!)
for what was not said.

Best of all, though, is that the site, while a creation of sick and twisted
mind (gotta love him!) raises funds for Alzheimer’s research.
It’s not too late. You can help make a difference.