I know people

Sometimes I forget that prior to my life here and in Tennessee, I knew some pretty impressive and famous people. That tends to happen when you work in the entertainment and event industry. To impress you, I’ll throw some names around:

  • My former boss Jay Clark (a.k.a. Captain Chaos or Papa Smurf) is the Executive VP of programming for Sirius Radio
  • My teenage pal Nancy Robards Thompson is a popular romance novelist
  • Former Florida Secretary of State and Orlando mayor Glenda Hood is an Orlando connection I worked with while helping to build downtown Orlando in the early 1990’s.
  • Former Orlando Sentinel Columnist Bob Morris writes popular murder mysteries
  • Pyrotechnic purveyor extraordinaire Lansden Hill is also a pal from the end of my event days in Tennessee.

Speaking of Bob Morris, he has a new novel coming out next month (Bermuda Schwartz) and will be at the Border’s at Bailey’s Crossroads, VA at 7pm on Feb. 15. for a book signing.