Me Update

December 2005 Recap: (Or my essay titled: “What I did in December”)

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I was really, really, REALLY busy this month with final projects, mid-term and final exams, parties and travel to warm locales.

  • At Weight Watchers I maintained my goal weight for 6 weeks and am now considered
    a lifetime member unless I go over the 2 pound limit. Keep your fingers and
    toes crossed that the brownies, cookies, etc. I scarfed while in FL did not
    make a dent in the current weight!
  • Successfully completed 3 of my last 8 classes and for my efforts, I received
    2 A’s and a B (Programming in Visual Basic.NET- it figures, right?) Am still in class #4 until
    February 10. Count down to graduation is on…May 13 here I come!
  • This year I did not have time to make and send my annual Abby and me holiday
    photo cards. Strangely enough, this year I receive cards from folks I never
    receive cards from – go figure. Guess all those years of sending cards finally
    guilted the recipients.
  • Went to Florida for Christmas – it was warm – -well, okay, warmer than here.
    Christmas eve and Christmas day it was in the low 70’s, I swear!
  • Had a ball in FL with Susan, Brian and Nicholas, and loved every minute
    of being "Aunt Carollynn".

What’s been happening with you this month?