Ode to weather

I do not now, nor never will
Find a liking for the snow,
That I now find falling – FALLING!
Outside my window
I would not, could not like it in a row,
I would not, could not want it tied with a bow
nor made to work it with a hoe
And yet, there it is!
Falling, FALLING! – outside – SNOW!

Yes, this badly formed ode to bad weather now comes on the heels of the trip to Florida
that never was. Yes, that’s right kiddies, I did not make it to Florida, thanks
to bad weather in Atlanta, which caused a plane to tip over on an Atlanta runway
and then further caused more flight delays and cancellations. If that were
not bad enough, Delta (whom, I will never fly upon again) had the temerity to
tell me that I could not get out of Atlanta to my Florida destination for almost
24 hours. To add insult to injury, they then said they were not going to put
me up for the night, as they could not determine whether my canceled ATL to
TPA flight was due to weather or the tipped over plane on the runway because
of weather. After much haggling, I got them to send me back to Baltimore, but
my luggage made it to Florida before I even touched down again at BWI airport.
Hrrumph! We won’t go into how I was held hostage all day Friday waiting for
my luggage to be delivered to me, and how it so conveniently showed up at 10:28

So, no, I did not get my warm weather retreat, and now its #@!%$*& snowing
It’s fitting, no?

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