Hi-Ho, Hi-ho, its off to Florida I go…

Yes, this afternoon, just in time for the bad winter weather to show its ugly head here, I am beating a swift retreat southward to my(adopted)home state of Florida for a nice long weekend with my best friend and her family. It will be a typical Florida retreat weekend replete with girly-girl time all day on Friday, Nic’s Big 4th Birthday Bash on Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese’s and running around Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Dunedin on Sunday for dining and antiquing. Many more, unplanned and fun activities are sure to ensue.

Did I mention it will be warm? Mostly 68° -72° during the day with nightly lows only hovering between 58° – 60°! Compared to here, it will be positively balmy! And you know that old adage: A bad in Florida is better than a good day virtually anywhere else.

Sadly, on Monday morning, I begin my trek back north, and the homesickness (for all things Florida) will set in, especially when I leave the terminal at BWI and encounter the "proposed" weather (courtesy of AccuWeather.com ):

Hi-Ho, Hi-ho, its off to Florida I go... Monday 1/17 | Partly sunny & cold | High 35° F .

Oh, pul-lease, A HIGH of 35° – Ugh! That’s criminal.

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