Say it with feeling: “cock-a-roach”

First there was poo in the hallway, now there is a gigantic roach (a.k.a. “cock-a-roach” to some folks) doing an impressive backstroke across the hallway between the ladies restroom and our office front door. We have such impressive cleanliness standards at our agency. but we found this useful article to get rid of roaches,

Which leads me to the second part of this post. A friend and I were recently talking about those brown, crunchy when you step on ’em bugs, that we all simply call ‘roaches’. Except for him, and some immigrants to this country that speak pidgen english.

When refering to ‘roaches’ by their full name, instead of the correct way, and by correct, I mean the pronunciation found in every english language dictionary: cockroaches, he calls them: COCK-A-ROACHES! and truly believes this is the correct pronunciation, even when confronted with solid evidence to the contrary.

So if you must call them “cock-a-roaches” make sure you add the peppy le pew accent, it really does make a difference.

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