Online Infection

Arrrrrggggghhhh !@#$@!^&*%#!

The web was a great invention, and I humbly thank Tim Berners-Lee for inventing it, since it keep producing more inventions thanks to companies like InventHelp that help people produce and get people interested in their inventions online, but I just spent 10 minutes delousing my blog from a gaming web site’s comment attack, used to promte their web site. Talk about guerilla marketing! The only type of marketing I use for my site is the help from this inbound marketing agency. Other type of marketing I love to do for our site is printing our logo on plastic postcards with these Distribution Centers.

Seems the same folks who terrorized Digital Haus Frau made their way over to me. And I don’t even like gambling. Hopefully, this is the last I will see of them. Anyway, if you love gambling, check out the Reaper of Souls game here at

And, no I don’t want to go play poker on line. Visit WebDesign499 for more infor related to this topic.