What not to order for Dinner

While out for dinner recently, I had an interesting and somewhat amusing experience.
We were at a mid-priced steak chain and deciding what to order. In the midst
of ordering, the following round robin of riduculousness occured. Our big, burly
waiter said, rather quietly, "Have you ever eaten here before?… I wouldn’t
order that…"

Us: "What? What did he say?"

Waiter: "Nothing, nothing – Its just that there are better things."

Us: "Oh, okay, so then perhaps the sirloin…"

Waiter: "Have you ever had that here? No? I’d try something else…"

Us: "Such as?"

Waiter: "I wouldn’t want to impose my opinion…"

Us: "Well, if the first steak wasn’t a good idea, and the sirloin wasn’t
a good idea, then what do you recommend.."

Waiter: (Without a trace of hesitation)- "The Cajun Ribeye"

Us: "Okay, we’ll have that."

Waiter: "Have you ever had that here, before?"

Us: "Groan…Uh, no, why?"

Waiter: "Its just that the Ribeye is a very fatty sort of cut, and I
don’t want you to be surprised when it comes. The flavor comes from the fat
marbling and the cajun marinade we soak in for 72 hours. Its not spicy, but
I didn’t want you to think you were getting spicy because of the name "Cajun
Ribeye." So, how would you like it cooked?

Us: "Medium – Medium Well?"

Waiter: "Have you have had a steak cooked here like that before?"

Its amazing we ever had any food set before us…

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