Scooping Delegatrix

Since my pal is on her honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean on the Queen Mary this week, I have been asked to check up on her home while she is away, get the mail, etc. This is no mere "keep an on the house for me", nope, while she’s away, crafty contractors have been hard at work renovating her kitchen. And as such, I get to see the results before anyone else, including Delegatrix!

So far, all the old cabinets have been removed, new lighting and hardwood floors installed, and beautiful brick red paint has been applied to the walls. All this was accomplished by the time I showed up on Monday. I plan a return trip on Thursday and I am so excited to see what I can see. Here’s hoping the cabinets and the window seat are in place. It would be such a nice present to come home to a finished kitchen – its gonna be fabulous. Here’s to wishful thinking!

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