What I’m thankful for in 2005

Not an especially imaginative list, I know, but it is important to give thanks, no matter what!

  • My last Fall semester at UMUC – I graduate next May!
  • Making the Deans List for the Spring 2005 semester
  • My new digs – much larger and more usable space than the old one.
  • My wonderful friends who helped me move – it really was a labor of, well, …friendship
  • GoatMan Hollow -I appreciate it even more because it existed only as a state of mind this year
  • Abby – she just keeps getting better with age.
  • My family – met up at a wedding in October, and we had such a blast
  • My Florida family – where would I be with out y’all?
  • My friends, near and far, old and new – without you, my life would be –bor -ing and not worth living

Thank you everyone for making an appearance in my life this year. I am so grateful for your friendship.

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