I am haunted

Ever hear a song, and it just sticks with you, no matter what you do, think about or hear? Yeah, well I have a very haunting song playing through my brain — at all hours of the day or night. It’s been going on for a few days, so I guess either I am an unwitting publicist for Richard Shindell or my subconscious is trying to tell me something…(What that “something” exactly is, I don’t rightly know)

Weirdly, enough, the song (You Again) tells of a former friend “haunting” the singer’s dreams, but the singer does not seem to mind it’s appearance as it is remembered fondly, if a little wistlfully. Okay, I’ll shut up now, and provide the lyrics. But only read them if you’re sure they won’t roll around in your brain, over and over again, for days on end. I swear, its a conspiracy!


You again
I dreamed of you again
This time you seemed so real
Winking back at me

My old friend
I feel your ghost again
When I thought you’d gone for real
I’d never say for good

But now I catch my breath and wait
Wide eyed and half awake

Just the wind
Blows through my dreams again
Thought I had closed the window tight
Against the night

But now I catch my breath and wait
Wide eyed and wide awake

But you are half a world away
And there is little now that I can say
But that I’ll always love you
And I’ll always miss you
And you are always welcome here
You are always welcome here

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