Doh! The song doesn’t remain the same

isn't she a pretty girl?Like most weekday mornings, I was listening to the 80’s Alternative channel on Netscape/AOL Radio. Delegatrix always gives me a hard time for listening to the oldies, but its somehow comforting to listen to music of my mis-spent 18, 19, 20 and 21’s, a time when we would go out dancing 5 nights a week (including my first and last attempt at slam dancing) and when we felt like the young lions we deluded ourselves into thinking we were.

The song that brought me down memory lane was a real moldy oldie: The Bruce Springsteen/Patti Smith’s song: Because the Night. I used to just love this song. In anticipation of posting to the blog about it, I decided to go look up the lyrics. After reading the lyrics, I find myself very chagrined — either I’ve been singing a lot of wrong words for many years or there are 2 versions of the song – Bruce’s Version and Patti’s version. Similar, and yet very different. Its enough to make a girl think she’s losing her mind. I could always go back to favorite moldy oldie #2 (and not the No Doubt remake) Talk Talk’s Its My Life. At least I KNOW what the words are to that song, for sure.

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