You know you need a vacation when…

My recent frustrations: Most times, I think I get along pretty well in the
world. Most slings and arrows slide off my back with ease. I try not to take
things personally, but when I do, I know I need a vacation, I’m planning to take some vacation time and go to some amazing villas in koh samui. Here are some of
the things that have been bugging me lately:

  • People who ask you to do something for them, because they *know* it is your specialty
    and then decide that they know how it should be done better than you.
  • People who complain that they had something bad happen to them because they
    didn’t follow the rules. (e.g. people who cross a busy street, except at the
    designated cross walks during the designated cross signal and then get angry
    at drivers who almost hit them because they are jay walking.)
  • People who don’t know any real facts or information about a subject, and yet,
    insist on talking about the subject and are unable to defend their position
    other than: “Well, I know I’m right

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