Yes, that really is ‘poo’ in the hallway

Ok, so yesterday while traipsing around the woods in NJ, I let Abby off her
leash, and in a fit of “I’m so excited to be free” she went running all over
tarnation. I don’t blame her- she doesn’t get to go “leash free” very often,
but in her course of enjoying her freedom, she managed to get a little too far our of my sight and scared me, so, like a dutiful owner, I went running
after her, through a rock strewn course, and thus twisted my ankle. I’m wearing
a compression bandage as we speak, and watching my ankle swell from golf ball
size to perhaps now just maybe ping-pong ball size (a little smaller) while
the right side of my foot is starting to turn black and blue. Lovely, right?
So that means my mobility today is a bit curtailed.

I did not go down to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee even though our
coffee maker was on the fritz this morning — doing so would have meant climbing
stairs, a painful exercise at best, masochistic at the very least. I took the
elevator down and up one floor to get lunch- a sin in my eyes usually, I’ve got
2 perfectly capable legs, but today it was a godsend. I curtailed most movement
today, to only the most essential trips so my foot could stay elevated and hopefully
heal a little.

It was great glee that the office coffee maker was repaired this afternoon,
just in time for my late afternoon slump — I needed coffee, so I got a cup
— I only had to walk 10 steps round trip, but after said coffee was drunk,
I then had to go across the hall to brush my teeth before putting the Invisaligners
back in, and that’s when I saw it… Poo, really and truly a chunk of poo in
the hallway between my office’s front door and that of the ladies restroom.
Not a heel schmear really, although one end of the inch long piece of poo was
a bit smudged, but really and truly, an inch long chunk of poo, just sitting
there. And did I mention it was in the hallway? My co-workers and I were
cracking up over this, and trying to imagine how it got there. No one was brave
enough to clean it up, even when the Branch Chief offered cash. My excuse? I’ve
cleaned up more than my fair share of Abby poo, I’m not cleaning someone else’s…
plus I’m on the injured list. Can you just see it? I bend down to clean it up,
lose my balance, and it’s good night Irene, I’ll break a leg for sure or get more pain in my back, I suffer from a lot of pain that’s why I’m going to contact Arrowhead Clinic Brunswick Chiropractor.

So there it sits, a piece of poo in the hallways of a federal government building,
waiting for the cleaning crew, or even worse, some unsuspecting Fed to get the
‘banana peel treatment’ from a piece of poo…  I’m gonna be snickering
for a long, long time about this one.

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