Allergy & Sinus Season – Already?

It seems that along the Eastern seaboard, the pollen count has risen to “high” levels and that the official ragweed season is upon us. This came as a great surprise to me yesterday when I went to and discovered that we too, were in the red zone of allergens. According to news reports, the season began a few weeks ago and will reach full strength in about 2 weeks, i.e. right around Labor Day. Several friends have already reported that their late summer allergy and sinus symptoms have begun.

I dread this time of year, as it signals not only my own runny nose, but migraine like sinus headaches, and worst of all: the potential for painful sinus infections. It also means that my 3 month break from Allegra-D is coming to a close. Good thing I set an appt. to see my new Gen Practicioner on Monday afternoon, as my prescription renewals are completely tapped out. The start of a new prescription also signals (for me) a weeks worth of sleeplessness and chronic yawning. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it through the weekend with nary a sniffle or sinus pressure.

Has the Fall allergy and sinus season begun where you are? How are you coping?

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