My personal kryptonite

Kryptonite: Exposure to it causes weakness and eventually is fatal — From the Kryptonite Hand Book

I’m working merrily along this afternoon – truly, I was nose to the grindstone. Then, like the recent Cicadas infestation, I began to hear a small, steady and persistent voice calling to me from one floor below. At first, I wasn’t sure what the voice was saying to me, slowly, the message started to become clear and it directed me to the snack counter one floor down. Mysteriously drawn out of my office, and down to the snack counter, I chanced a glance into the bakery unit, and sure enough, there it was…my own personal kryptonite: a Chocolate, chocolate chip muffin.

I should have looked away quickly, but by then, it knew it had me lured. I was powerless in its gaze. It then proceeded to hypnotize me into opening my wallet and taking out $1.84, which it said would ransom it from its glass enclosed prison – and it promised to be forever in my debt. I was too weak to resist its omnipotent powers. I did whatever it asked of me, and then having rescued it from its glass prison, I brought it back to my desk. We eyed each other for all of 30 seconds – it then turned on me, its rescuer and began to taunt me. In a fit of rage and anger, I ate it. That should teach that nasty old Chocolate, chocolate chip muffin not to mess with me!

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