Guilty Pleasure

Call me vain, call me a bottle blonde, call me addicted to shows like ABC’s
Extreme Makeover and even its wicked stepsister, FOX Network’s The Swan. I watched the first episode of the Swan in April and guiltily watched the Swan pageant finale. Why do I (and other women I know) watch these shows? We know they’re often poorly scripted, very unfairly edited, demeaning, pitiful versions of someone’s perception of the perfect woman.

  • Are we trying to live vicariously through the amazing, albeit
    expensive and often painful plastic surgery transformations in order to achieve a younger self?
  • Are we doing research for plastic surgery procedures we believe we might need in our encroaching dreaded “mid-life”?
  • Do we hope that we too can be transformed if we have enough money, time and stick-to-it-iveness?
  • Are we catty B-Atches who like to rip apart innocent (and not so innocent)
    female schleppers/schlubs for their poor taste in clothing, hairstyle (or
    lack thereof) and general poor taste?
  • Does watching make me feel better about my own physical (okay, okay, okay– AND emotional) shortcomings and hang-ups? (Ties into the above bullet point…)

All of the above would be my answer. For me, the reasons are many that I watch
these shows – these days though, mostly as a guilty pleasure. The reason why starts in a
land long ago, a time far away– remember – I turn 40 this year

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