Leaves on trees, free the piggies and cherry blossoms

Lots going on this time of year, not to mention its now a little more than one month until graduation…

Major news: Leaves on trees, and shrubs and bushes – yes, they’re starting to come back, and I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing uglier than a naked tree.

Free the piggies campaign starts, then stops, then starts again…today, they’re half free, wishing they were still wearing those blasted warming appliances. Soon, though, they be free at last, free at last for at least the late spring and all of summer!

Cherry blossoms in DC – its that time of year again. I went last year and was mostly underwhelmed. I thought it might have been because I went right after peak, and on a weekend when there were too many people milling about to really enjoy the experience. So I went again on Sunday. I discovered that I was still underwhelmed by the blossoms – guess they’re not really my thing, and the crowds of people were still too much. While downtown, though I paid my first visit to the Hirshhorn museum & sculpture garden and loved it. This is especially interesting as I am not that much of a modern art fan. It also could have been the company.

Up next: inline skating on the B&A trail. Keep your fingers crossed that its warm enough this weekend!