Less Humbuggy, thank you very much

First Holiday party of the week attended and survived. Second one tomorrrow, and I still don’t know what to bring.

Anyway, I must be getting that old Christmas spirit, as I figured out what to get 3 sets of folks, and even finished with one of them. Can’t tell you what it is or who its for, cos they have been known to read this blog.

Sunday I spent most of the afternoon creating a new photo image for my holiday cards – Photoshoping Abby and me into one picture is no easy task – so the holiday card machine is in full swing. In the process of working with the images, I rediscovered that I need a new digital camera, as the one I have sucks and takes lousy pix, hence more Photoshopping. Last night I picked up more photo paper, so now all I need is postage, oh, and the card holders for the pix, and then to print and stuff and lick and mail… Oy! I’ve got a lot to do!

But, whoohoo, my Christmas prep is underway, and I’m starting to feel that holiday twinkle and perhaps even a little good will toward my fellow man…

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